About Me

About Me

profile picHey there!  I’m Emily, wife of Scott, mother of Colton and Camdyn, and the teacher of many.  I am passionate about trying to find a way to live out traditional demands of motherhood, cooking, cleaning, and running a family, while living out my career passion of teaching.  It’s not always ever easy, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.
cheekkiss I was raised by a stay-at-home mom turned teacher and a police officer.  Their dedication to public service and our family shaped the way I view the world and has shown me that sometimes the best way to serve the Lord is in your own backyard.  After college, I married the funniest, most intelligent man I know. Together, in our small rural town, we serve our community as a teacher and sheriff’s deputy.  We are raising our kind-hearted, mathematically-minded son, Colton, and our spunky, “I have to do it my way” daughter, Camdyn, in a Christian home.


About Traditionally Modern Mom

Traditionally ModMoye Familyern Mom came about from the idea that we can live out our core values, that sometimes seem counter to the modern world, all while juggling the demands of the workforce.  As a young mother, I realized that I really wanted to stay at home with our children, but it wasn’t a financial possibility.  I desperately wanted to be the mother that provided nightly home cooked meals, was a constant presence in my children’s lives, educated them, and was there daily with hugs and warm cookies.  I also knew that teaching was my calling and I had the chance to impact hundreds of children this way also.

On this blog you will find ways to be frugal, meal plan, how our family lives out our faith, and ideas for children’s ministry.  I hope this is an encouragement for all women to believe it is possible to live a traditional life in this crazy, too fast paced, modern world.

You can read a little bit more about our life here.