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A Traditionally Modern Mom

A little something I wrote a couple of years ago…

Life is complicated, there is no way around that.  Just when you think you have things figured out, something new comes along and makes you reevaluate everything.  Like when you just get out of college and think you know what you want, only to realize that degree you just paid for doesn’t seem to hold much value.  Or, when you get married and realize you want to go back to school, quit your job, and then only afterwards try to figure out how you are going to pay for everything.  Or, when you decide to have children and realize you really don’t know ANYTHING!
My wonderful husband and I have been together since college.  As a naive 19 year old in love with perhaps an even more naive 20 year old we decided we needed each other and would figure out this “adult” thing together.  We started off pretty good.  No credit card debt and a solid plan (as solid as barely 20 somethings can make) for the future.  Marriage, kids, owning a home, and careers.  We thought we knew what we wanted and how we were going to get there. Fast forward 12 years and here we are.  Marriage, kids, a home, careers, and all the debt that has come with it.  Somewhere along the way I think we failed to realize how different this modern world is from the world we grew up in.  Wait?!? I have to work 40 hours AND clean AND cook AND be super mom?

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